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Snowlink is your source for information about snow sports. We share industry news, gear buying guides and helpful how to's.

What is the goal?

The goal is to help you unlock your full potential on the slopes and create a safe and welcoming environment for newcomers in the wonderful world of snow sports.
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Expert Guides & Reviews

Navigating a market with so many different brands, price ranges and features to look for can be difficult. On Snowlink, we've already done the hard work for you.

Through extensive hours of researching and testing, our team of like-minded snow sport fanatics have made buying decisions easier for you with our in-depth buying guides.

We want the snow sport world to be welcoming so we can help the industry to prosper for years to come. Snowlink is made with love by snow sport geeks for snow sport geeks.

Meet the Authors

James Shaffer

James Shaffer

James is a veteran snowboarder and skier. His passion for snow sport dates back to his early life growing up in Colorado. He spent his early adulthood as a ski instructor around popular locations in Europe but is now back in Colorado.
Casper Kokje

Casper Kokje

Casper is from Holland. He had his first try on skis when he was just 2 years old. Growing up, he went to the Alps at least a few times every year. In his adult life, he's been teaching people to ski and snowboard in Austria, Netherlands and Switzerland as well.
Christa Burkett

Christa Burkett

Christa is an avid skier who loves to explore the world. She has a particular love for speed and snow which she first found in her adulthood but since then she's made up for it by volunteering at ski resorts and learning from the best.
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