Top 10 Best Snowboard Boots 2024: The Ultimate Guide

Discover this year's top 10 best snowboard boots for men and women. Whether you'll be doing freestyle, all-mountain or park snowboarding, we've got you covered.
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Best Overall
Burton Moto Boa
Burton Moto Boa
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Best Value
thirtytwo STW Boa
thirtytwo STW Boa
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Best Premium
Burton Swath
Burton Swath
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Are you looking to get into snowboarding? Or, maybe you’re a seasoned pro and are simply on the hunt for the year’s best snowboarding boots? Either way, you’ve come to the right place. 

As I’m sure you’re already well-aware, no two pairs of snowboard boots are created equal. And ranging in style, price, brand name, and features, there are literally hundreds of choices of snowboarding boots available to choose from. 

This is great in terms of giving you plenty of options, but unfortunately, it also tends to make choosing a pair of boots tedious and difficult. 

Fortunately, to help make things easier for you, I’ve gone and taken all the hard work out of this process for you. And in the following guide, we’re going to be taking a look at the best brands of snowboard boots for beginners, novices, and pros alike. 

So no matter what your skill level, keep reading, and we’ll jump into our list of the year’s best snowboard boots. 

Top 10 Best Snowboard Boots  

I think it goes without saying that snowboarding is an awesome sport for people of all ages, and provides ‘boarders with a ton of positive benefits. 

For instance, snowboarding is a great exercise and requires a broad range of physical skills and mental coordination. It’s also a great way to get outside and enjoy some fresh air during the colder months of the year. And not to mention, snowboarding is simply loads of fun!

But before you hit the slopes, make sure to check out the following list of the best snowboard boots for 2024. 

Let’s jump in! 

1. Burton Moto Boa Snowboard Boots

Best Overall
Burton Moto Boa Snowboard Boots
Riding Style: All-mountain
Flex: Soft
Lacing System: Quick lace
Fit: Basic

Whether you’re craving a quick ride through the powder or an all-day excursion, you want the most comfortable experience for your feet, which you’ll need for getting you up and down the mountain all day long. 

Complete with a Boa Coiler lacing system for fast, effective lace adjustments, the Moto Boa Men’s come with the Burton-exclusive New England Ropes for flexibility that’s as natural as your every-day movements. 

Underneath these ropes are 1:1 soft flex tongues for added movement capabilities without tugs or re-jigs. Plus, your feet will stay toasty and comfortable thanks to the DynoLITE outsoles, created with underfoot cushioning and warmth reflection - no cold toes or sore arches! 

Speaking of toes, you won’t be dragging them in these must-haves; your overall footprint on any mountain is down a whole size thanks to the latest in footprint-reduction technology.

And finally, because snow belongs on the ground, in the air, and not in your boots, these come with internal gussets and Imprint 1+ Liners, keeping your feet dry and weather-proofed. 

2. thirtytwo STW Boa Men's Boots

Best Value
thirtytwo STW Boa Snowboard Boots
Riding Style: All-mountain freestyle
Flex: Soft
Lacing System: Boa
Fit: Comfort

Put the free back in your freestyle with the best soft-flex boots thirtytwo has to offer.

With Boa Coiler laces, you can keep your fingers as warm as your toes with quick, gloves-on lacing capabilities, all atop a moulded tongue made for an always-right fit and no-flop flexibility.

No matter what you put your board or feet through, across the slope or on any landing, these Boas absorb so much shock through their revolutionary foam design that you’ll feel too accomplished to notice or wonder how. 

Because your feet are your biggest asset that helps you get you through the terrain, thirtytwo ensures comfort, warmth, and ongoing support with dual density Comfort-Fit liners finished with the softness of microfleece.  

So whether you’re a beginner on the bunny slopes or an expert, ready to hit that daredevil jump, these are the boots that are going to get you top to bottom all day long, in all weather. 

3. Burton Swath Boots

Best Premium
Burton Swath Boa Snowboard Boots
Riding Style: Freestyle
Flex: Medium
Lacing System: Quick Lace
Fit: Performance

Discover the perfect harmony that comes along from freestyle comfort meeting medium-range durability and flexibility with these Swath Boa Men’s Snowboard Boots by Burton. 

There’s no need to feel weighed down on the lift or on the slopes, these mid-flex essentials feel light on your feet thanks to their seam, weight and waste-reduced Ultraweave shell. Did I mention they’re also water-resistant? Because they are!

No matter if you’re going for a leisurely ride or waiting to hit that huge jump, adjust these boots to your liking with ease thanks to the quick-dials of the Coiler dual-zone Boa closure system, complete with New England Ropes laces.

The best part? They’re ready to go right out of the box, and require virtually no break-in time. 

From Imprint 3 liner heel support to lightweight foil warmth and underfoot comfort, DynoBITE EST traction to fatigue-fighting GripLITE, your love of freestyle riding has finally found its perfect match. 

4. K2 Maysis Boots

K2 Maysis Snowboard Boots
Riding Style: All-mountain freestyle
Flex: Stiff
Lacing System: BOA
Fit: Performance

No matter the mountain, K2 has you covered.

Quick dials and auto-retracting H3 Boa Coiler lacing leave you free to adjust with ease, all while keeping your gloves on and your feet ready to hit whatever that freshly-powdered terrain throw your way.

For every foot shape, size, curve, and arch, the Maysis’ Control Foam 3D Liners by Intuition will form to your foot’s specific shape in every-which-way, giving you solid durability and comfort at all times during your snowboarding routine.

With safety of your body being an utmost priority on the mountain, these boots come equipped with 3D formed EVA footbeds and Boa Conda liner lacing for superior protection of your ankles, pads and heels.

Plus, even when you’re off your board, the Vibram Pro Light outsoles make it possible to walk on even the iciest paths without slipping, getting you back to your warm, cozy lodge, all while ensuring that you’re prepared for the elements at every stage of boarding day.

Think precision, think comfort, think K2. 

5. Vans Aura OG All-Mountain Boots

Vans Aura OG Snowboard Boots
Riding Style: All-mountain
Flex: Medium
Lacing System: Ratcheting cable lace
Fit: Comfort

Make your next mountain adventure as easy and as effortless as possible with the simplistic, design of Vans Aura OG.

As a brand that’s always in demand long before the first snowfall, these snowboard boots by Vans make staying warm and cozy a breeze with their Heat-moldable V1 UltraCush Smartwool liners, which are completely thermoregulated for the most comfort on the hill. 

Ready to keep your mind on the lift, and not on your laces? The easy micro-adjustability of the Boa technology dial closure ensures that your boots won’t ever feel too loose, or too tight.

Then, when you’re ready to unbind, Instep Flex Zones and V1 liner harnesses allow for consistent support of your heels and ankles. 

Plus that staple Vans waffle pattern that we all know and love lets you take these boots from the snow to the streets in style, complete with All PopCush footbeds for breathable wear. 

These Aura OG snowboard boots aren’t trying to make a comeback for nothing. Put these bad boys on once, and you’ll know why right away. 

6. Burton Limelight Boa Women's Boots

Burton Limelight Boa Snowboard Boots
Riding Style: All-mountain
Flex: Medium
Lacing System: BOA
Fit: Performance

Ladies, flex your style from the sidewalk to the snowy hills in these Burton Limelight Boa Snowboard Boots made just for women.

Made from snow and weatherproof gussets, PowerUP tongues and Imprint 2 liners paired with 3M Thinsulate insulation, these boots are durable, warm, lightweight, and come complete with just the right amount of flex - so you can ride your way, every day, with one less thing to think about.

No matter how cold it gets, or how hard you hit the slopes, B3 Gel cushioning has you covered with its shock-absorbing material that won’t flatten, fall apart, or get hard when the temperature free-falls. 

And, in addition to their comfortable grip of your underfoot, ankles and heels, the DynoGRIP outsoles of these boots make it easy to travel from hilltop to hotel with an extra layer of traction that won’t wear off after wearing them for just one winter.

So if you’re ready for the most enjoyable ride? Don’t hesitate to check out these Limelight Boa’s by Burton. 

7. K2 Contour Women's Snowboard Boots

K2 Contour Womens Snowboard Boots
Riding Style: All-mountain
Flex: Stiff
Lacing System: BOA
Fit: Performance

Complete with an H3 Boa Coiler lace design, these boots let you adjust your fit with precise auto-retraction at the twist of a dial - all while never having to expose your hands to the elements. 

Keeping your ankles and heels in check comes the Boa Conda liner lacing system, conjoined in design with comfortable EVA footbeds, ensuring the best consideration of every inch of your feet.

Plus the stiffer flex of these boots’ construction ensures both strength and durability without the soreness, no matter how long or hard you plan on hitting the slopes. 

Plus, when you’re ready to walk, these boots are made for it thanks to the ultimate traction of their Vibram Pro Light outsoles. With these, you can step, not slide, into the lodge with style, whether in icy, sleet or snowy conditions.

Ready for every challenge, no matter the weather, you only need one pair of K2.

8. Salomon Malamute Men’s Snowboard Boots

Salomon Malamute Men’s Snowboard Boots
Riding Style: Freeride
Flex: Stiff
Lacing System: Quick pull
Fit: Comfort

No matter how you ride, or how often, you deserve a boot that’s long-lasting with just the right amount of flex. Sound about right? Then cue these Salomon Malamute Snowboard Boots for men.

Composed of a tough, yet responsive polyurethane shell, these boots come with liner and insert foams made from Full Custom Fit Pro technology. This ensures a warm, well-fitted experience, no matter the shape of your foot.

To keep your liners, and your ligaments, well-locked for the ride, Salomon Malamutes feature durable liners for your heels and adjustable heel-to-boot sole straps for a perfect internal fit with the proper support that you need on the hills. 

Plus, no matter how much you wear these boots down, you can make them feel brand new again anytime by adjusting their Removable Energizer H Bars. 

And, to get you from the main lodge to the mountain and back again, these boots are equipped with high-traction Trek EC+ outsoles, which make any hike as easy and as comfortable, almost as if it was their main purpose.

For powerlock lacing, Power Frame design, all in a powerful, custom-fit boot, make sure to check out these Salomon Malamute men’s snowboard boots.

9. thirtytwo Exit Snowboard Boots

thirtytwo Exit Snowboard Boots
Riding Style: All-mountain freestyle
Flex: Soft & forgiving
Lacing System: Traditional
Fit: Snug and responsive

Make a powerful entrance to your next snowboarding adventure with thirtytwo Exit Snowboard Boots.

To keep your toes comfortable and frosty-free, these boots feature foot-conforming heat-moldable Intuition Comfort Fit liners, which give you just the right amount of warmth and breathability to ensure your feet won’t sweat.

Their padded tongues and Evolution foam insoles double your comfort for those extra-long rides, keeping shock low and leg soreness even lower - and you don’t have to break them in first. So as soon as they’re out of the box, you’ll be able to start riding. 

thirtytwo Exit snowboard boots are completed with that traditional internal lace integration system that we all know and trust. In other words, you can keep your feet locked to your board and your eyes and mind locked on the slopes ahead. 

10. Salomon Synapse Focus Boa Boots

Salomon Synapse Focus Boa Snowboard Boots
Riding Style: All-mountain
Flex: Medium
Lacing System: Focus Boa
Fit: Comfort

Like the high-quality design and comfort that we’ve all come to expect from Salomon, these Synapse Focus snowboard boots for men are designed with breathable, lightweight, and fully-customizable liners, which allows you to properly secure your foot, all while ensuring maximum comfort. 

Plus, the Focus’ dual-zone Boa closure system allows you to adjust the comfort and tightness of the boot on both the lower and upper parts of your foot. And these boots also come with full Custom Fit Pro, heat-moldable multi-density foam all throughout the liner, which allows for an even better, more customizable fit. 

Furthermore, with their removable ankle inserts and Cat-Tongue materials, these boots are guaranteed to provide you with increased heel hold, ensuring that your socks are gripped perfectly to the inside of the boots. 

Finally, these boots are completed by their Trek EC+ outsoles that ensure high-traction, ideal for longer hikes up hill or wherever else you need to go. 

Snowboard Boots Buying Considerations

man selecting snowboard boots in a snow sport shop

Just like no two pairs of snowboard boots are built the same, no two snowboarders are going to have the same style, tastes, or preferences. So before you go and choose your next pair of boots, make sure that you keep the following three factors in mind while shopping. 

Price And Budget

Like anything in life, snowboarding can be affordable or extremely expensive, all depending on how you go about it. That’s why one of the most important buying considerations is going to be price and your own personal budget. 

Obviously, unless you have a bottomless bank account, you’re going to want to find a pair of snowboard boots that fit not only your feet but your budget as well. So try to shop for a pair of boots that’s going to offer a good balance of quality, features, and all without needing to spend a fortune. 

Brand Names, Style, And Color

Like any other article of clothing, there are dozens of brands to choose from when shopping for a new pair of snowboard boots. And while some snowboarders might prefer a certain brand name, others might prefer choosing based on style and color. 

Fortunately, this is where you get to let your creative colors shine, and you’re free to choose a brand name, style, or color that you like. In other words, don’t just choose a pair of boots because they’re from a  brand that you’ve heard good things about; choose a pair of boots that you’re going to like wearing, and ones that match your own personal style. 

Size And Fit

When hitting the slopes on your snowboard, your boots perform two primary functions. 

For starters, they keep you attached to the board, allowing you to control where you’re going on the hill. And secondly, they provide your ankles and legs with the support needed to avoid injury. 

With that said, when your boots fit properly, you’ll have the best control over your board, as well as the best protection from injury. 

But on the other hand, when your boots don’t fit right, you’re not going to have good board control, and more importantly, you’ll be at a greater risk of injuring your legs or ankles. 

With that said, more important than pricing or brand name, the size and fit of your boots are the most important consideration to keep in mind. So to help you find a pair of boots that fit your feet properly, keep reading and we’ll go over a few frequently asked questions surrounding snowboard boots. 

Binding Matching

Snowboard boots are only part of the equation. It's important to get something that matches the snowboard bindings you've chosen (or the other way around - whichever you bought first). If the boots are too big, they'll likely not be suitable for your bindings. The same goes for boots that are too small.

Generally, bindings are adjustable so they'll cater to a range of a few shoe sizes but in some cases, you need to match it quite accurately. You can read more about binding matching in our guide to the best snowboard bindings. While you're at it, you should also consider what binding stance and angle will match your riding style the best.

Snowboard Boots FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

girl riding a snowboard down the slope

How long should my snowboard boots last? 

The answer to this truly depends on how much you use your boots. But typically, you’ll need to replace your boots as soon as they become too soft to support your ankles, or they’re simply torn up and ripped to shreds. 

With that being said, you should expect a good quality pair of snowboard boots to last you for roughly 100 days worth of riding. But again, if you have shorter riding days, you might be able to get a bit more life out of them. And, if you have longer riding days, this might be a bit shorter.

In the end, your mileage is going to vary, but in order to maximize the lifetime of your boots, it’s best to avoid walking around with them on as much as possible when you’re not on your way to the ski lifts to hit the slopes. 

In other words, if you don’t need to be wearing your boots, don’t wear your boots. 

Should my toes touch the end of my snowboard boots?

Snow Shoe Size Fit Guide

Yes, when you’re standing upright, your toes should just barely touch the tips of the insides of your boots. To ensure that your boots fit properly, try bending at the knees and ankles and your toes should just barely come away from the end of the boots. 

Of course, your toes shouldn’t be crammed into the boot. But a gentle push off the tip is ideal for maximum support. 

It’s also good to note that your shoe size isn’t a good indicator of boot size. Generally, your snowboard boots will be a smaller size than what you’re typically used to for everyday footwear. 

How tight should new snowboard boots fit?

While you don’t want to be wearing snowboard boots that are too tight, they do need to feel snug everywhere, including at your toes, your insteps, and around your heels and ankles. Again, you need to make sure that your toes are touching the end of the boot, but just to say touching. 

Always remember that a properly fitted boot provides you with better control over your board, as well as the necessary support so that you don’t injure your legs or ankles. 

So no matter what, always make sure that your boots fit properly before hitting the slopes. 

How stiff should my snowboard boots be?

Snow Shoe Flex Guide

When browsing through this year’s best snowboard boots, you’ve no doubt noticed that boots come in a wide range of flexibility, ranging from soft to stiff. And while boot flex does pertain to the type of snowboarding that you’re planning on doing, it’s largely left up to your own personal preference. 

Generally, a soft flex boots are designed to be more comfortable. Therefore, they’re going to be ideal for long days out on the mountain. 

Medium flex boots are designed to be a balance between comfort and performance. 

And finally, stiff flex boots are meant for giving you the most support and control while on the slopes. They’re not going to be as comfortable to wear, but they’ll give you better control at higher speeds. 

Wrapping It Up       

best snowboard boots guide featured image

Whether you’re new to the sport or you’ve been shredding the slopes for years, I know that you’re raring to get out there and tear up some powder. 

But before you do, you’re going to need to make sure that your feet are clad in a stunning and stylish pair of new snowboard boots. 

But snowboard boots aren’t just about style. 

In fact, snowboard boots are the main component that helps keep you locked in tight to your snowboard, ensuring proper control while going downhill. And at the same time, they also help protect your feet, ankles, and legs from injury. 

So by understanding how to properly shop around for boots, and by choosing from our list of the top 10 picks of this year’s hottest snowboard boots, you’ll be well on your way to shredding down the hills like the pros.

Don't forget to pick a snowboard that matches your new boots and bindings. We recommend using our snowboard length calculator and size tables for that.

James Shaffer

James Shaffer

James is a veteran snowboarder and skier. His passion for snow sport dates back to his early life growing up in Colorado. He spent his early adulthood as a ski instructor around popular locations in Europe but is now back in Colorado.
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Last updated March 9, 2024

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