Top 10 Best Snowboard Bindings for All Riders in 2022

We tested and reviewed dozens of the most popular bindings and settled on only the best ones for various use cases and price points. Find our exclusive top picks below.
close-up of fast flow snowboard bindings and boots
Best Overall
Burton Cartel
Burton Cartel
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Camp Seven Summit
Camp Seven Summit
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Burton Malavita
Burton Malavita
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Time for new bindings? Or maybe even your first pair? It can feel overwhelming to try to find the best quality gear, stay in your price range, and get the right fit for your boarding style. Choosing your next pair of bindings can feel a lot like trying to pick a movie to watch on Netflix. Too many options and not enough guidance! 

Since we know this, we’ve documented a collection of the best products for every snowboarder at every level. All riders need something a little different. We get it, no worries. No matter what part of your snowboard binding hunt matters most to you, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive into the best gear of this season. 

Our best snowboard bindings of 2024 list is a pretty comprehensive one. We found products with the best materials, support, and control to get the job done anywhere, any run. 

Perhaps you’re splurging on your first pair because you’re brand new to the sport, and you just can’t wait to get out there and tear up some powder. Maybe you’re a seasoned snowboarder who pretty much knows what they need but wants a little more guidance this time. Or you’re a total beginner and are looking to purchase a more cost-effective option in case things don’t work out. 

Channel your inner rider because this list has all the right best sellers for every level rider. So sit back, read on, and start visualizing yourself boarding in your new gear! 

Top 10 Best Snowboard Bindings

1. Burton Cartel Snowboard Bindings (Best Overall) 

Burton Cartel Snowboard Bindings Mens

Top features:

  • Single-Component Highback Construction 
  • Single-Component Baseplate Construction 
  • Hammockstrap 2.0, Gettagrip Capstrap 
  • Smooth Glide Buckles 

Voted the best overall snowboard bindings of 2024 on the market, Burton's got bragging rights reserved. Burton’s bindings are made with riders in mind. These puppies are built for more control on all-terrain which is achieved through their use of single material baseplate construction. 

Burton created these bindings to be comfortable and adaptable to support you in your boarding environment. They’ve also paid close attention to what materials work best and optimizes comfort. They have combined their hammock strap with smooth glide buckles for the ultimate comfort experience. 

These bindings have a great flex rating for freestyling. You also don’t have to worry about your buckles coming apart when you’re boarding because these bindings feature material including aluminum levers and steel bases. 

2. Camp Seven Summit Snowboard Bindings (Best Value)

Camp Seven Summit Men's Snowboard Bindings

Top features:

  • One of the brand’s lightest bindings, with force and durability 
  • Full-length EVA base pad (for rough terrain) 
  • Ankle and toe cap are gel-padded 
  • 15% Fiberglass inclusion baseplate with EVA padded footbed 

These guys are designed for all tough terrain. Another great option if comfort paired with affordability is something you value. This snowboard binding might cost less, but it does not perform less. 

Camp Seven Summit bindings are designed for support with straps featuring gel-padded ankle and toe cap for comfort. These bindings are the lightest binding gear option Camp Seven has, but are built to last. This pair also includes toe ramps made with adjustability. The toe strap can also be worn two ways: over the forefoot or toe cap style. 

3. Burton Malavita Snowboard Bindings (Best Premium)

Burton Malavita Snowboard Bindings

Top features:

  • Single-component baseplate construction 
  • Improved board flex 
  • Canted highback design 
  • Freestyle focused 

Another one of the best bindings on the market, and available in several color options, including pink, blue and yellow combo, these bindings scream style! These bindings will fill the freestyling needs of all riders with their mid-range flex. With their surfy feel and canted living hinge, your movement is never restricted and you always feel the support. It also is made with an ASYM hammockstrap that can be adjusted to your boarding style each ride. 

The double-take buckles on the toe and ankle straps create a fast and simplified way to get ready to board. So kiss that strung out gearing up time goodbye, because Burton Maldiva is going to get the job done and get you out on the slopes faster and easier! 

4. Burton Citizen Snowboard Bindings (Best for Women)

Burton Citizen Snowboard Bindings Womens

Top features:

  • Fullbed cushioning system 
  • Single-component baseplate construction 
  • Improved board flex and feel 
  • Single-component highback construction 

Okay, ladies, I bet you’ve been looking at this list and seeing a lot of “men’s this and that”. While some of the above-listed items are available in women’s sizes, we have the best snowboard bindings on the market for women right here! 

Available in both black and lavender, these freeride snowboard bindings are sure to meet your expectations. They feature materials like a single component baseplate to ensure consistency when boarding and a mounting system that is designed to help achieve maximum board flex. 

This design aspect also adds to a lightweight experience while hitting the slopes. The Citizen bindings are also made with reactstrap ankle strap and smooth glide buckles. 

5. Flow 2021 Alpha White Stormtrooper Snowboard Binding (Advanced Top Pick) 

Flow 2021 Alpha White Stormtrooper Snowboard Bindings

Convenience is key with these Flow bindings. Constructed with a reclining highback composition and Flow’s PowerStrap so they’re easy to get on and easy to get off. Flow uses technology tactics to lessen the impact and vibration you feel while snowboarding so you get the most comfortable experience. 

The Alpha White Stormtrooper is also designed with a flex uniback so that each time you board you are getting the most custom fit for that boarding style. 

6. Union Flite Pro Men’s Snowboard Bindings 

Union Flite Pro Mens Snowboard Bindings

A pair of mountain snowboard bindings made for freestyle experts, the Union Flite Pro is designed for the wild at heart, and on the slopes. 

Created with mini-disk technology for optimal board flex during riding. These bindings are also created with a duraflex highback. They also include features like forma straps and aluminum ratchets. 

7. Salomon Pact Men’s Snowboard Bindings 

Salomon Pact Mens Snowboard Bindings

These bindings are made with EVA padding, composite buckle ratchets, and a freeframe highback. They also have sick features including a 3D prime ankle strap, lock-in toe strap, and straps that can be adjusted without tools. Salomon also uses Blaster Tech and Shadowfit in their gear.

8. 5th Element Stealth Convertible Strap Bindings 

5th Element Stealth 3 Convertible Strap Snowboard Bindings

This 5th Element snowboard binding is a more affordable option for boarders looking for all the quality, with a more gnarly price point. With a toe strap made to contour to anyone’s boot, these bindings are made to fit you! With a padded baseplate and single component highback, you can expect comfort and a smooth ride. Made with a soft flex rating to accommodate the boarding style of all riders. 

This is an excellent beginner's pick and it'll go well with most beginner snowboards.

9. Union Contact Pro Men’s Snowboard Bindings

Union Contact Pro Mens Snowboard Bindings

Another freestyle fav is the Union Contact Pro. Made with a mini-disk and forma straps. These surfy freeride snowboard bindings are designed for freestylers who need the extra flex. 

Contact Pro is a great binding for park riding and mountain riding too. These bindings are cushioned with thermoformed EVA to keep more of the snow and vibrations out of your ride and out of your mind! Aluminum ratchets and grade 8.8 steel make up these snowboard bindings. 

Extruded 3D aluminum heel cup and a Duraflex baseplate are also part of the package with these bindings. All complete with a tool-less flad. Union has also added new technology to the Contact Pro, a forma elite ankle strap. 

10. Jones Snowboards Mercury Premium Bindings

Jones Snowboards Mercury Snowboard Binding

While the Jones Snowboards Mercury snowboard binding is the most pricey of the advanced boarder binding collection, they come with some pretty sweet perks. Made for all-terrain, this pair of bindings are great for a seasoned boarder. 

Created with a medium-stiff flex rating and feature Skate Tech technology. Also including Flip-it ankle straps that are adjustable for whatever boarding style you want. Mercury is an all-terrain, all-weather condition type of surfy bindings. Designed for freestylers with a vision of their own. 

Buying Factors to Consider

Make note that this article wasn’t about the only best snowboard binding. There isn’t one that will work the best for all. Make sure that when you’re scoping out your next pair that you are considering everything that matters most to you. Are you looking for freeride snowboard bindings, park bindings, or mountain bindings? Are you looking for bindings that will adjust to your environment anywhere? 

Think about what works best for your relationship with boarding. It might even be helpful to use a comparison table to make your choice a little bit easier. 


The reality is, most of us riders are probably on a budget for our snowboard gear. With this in mind, decide what your budget will be before getting your heart set on a specific pair. 

To help you prioritize, try making a shortlist with the qualities most important to you in your next pair of bindings. Your list might incorporate things like the price you’re looking for. You also might want to check out if your new gear comes with a lifetime warranty. Here are a few other factors you might be considering 


Maybe you love a specific brand because you’ve had a great experience with it in the past. Or perhaps your friend is a die-hard brand fanatic for Burton. Is the brand a deciding factor for you? 

Deciding how important having a specific brand is to you will help rule out the unwanted options when selecting your next pair of snowboard bindings. If you’re a brand loyal boarder, no shade, we know every boarder has their preference. 

Matching Your Style 

Matching your style may or may not be significant to you, but obviously, there are a ton of different gear options. If creating a specific aesthetic is something you value more, make sure you include that on your list of board shopping priorities. If you find the perfect pair of bindings and they only come in yellow, there could be a deal-breaker. 

It’s important to know what you’re looking for so you can identify what you aren’t willing to compromise on with your snowboard bindings. 

The Right Sizing for You 

Snowboard Binding Size Table

Sizing is the most crucial factor to give attention to when picking out your bindings. Getting the right size in your gear is going to help you feel more comfortable during your riding experience and prevent you from getting hurt. 

Be sure to use size charts to determine what size will work best for your boots and board. Remember, they could be the most high-quality, stylish bindings in the world, but if they don’t fit you, it’s not a match! 

Mountain Snowboard Bindings V.S. Freeride Snowboard Bindings

If you're uncertain about your boarding style, try to do some research and experiment before you commit. New riders, this is especially important for you! You’ll get to use your new gear for years to come, so make sure you pick a pair you vibe with. 

FAQ- Snowboard Bindings 

man photographing a pair of snowboard bindings

We’ve covered a lot of ground, and you probably have accumulated a lot of questions. Especially if the snowboarding world is new to you, take a breath, and relax. We’ve got you, bro. Here are some frequently asked questions.

Snowboard Bindings for Beginners - What Are the Parts?

It’s only fair to start with the basics. If snowboarding is a new passion for you, here’s a quick explanation of all the different parts of your bindings. I promise, if we lost you, this should explain everything.

While reading our specs on the best snowboard bindings of 2024, you may have come across some lingo you don't know. These terms describe the different parts of your gear.

  • The Highback Plate - The area of the binding there to support the back of your ankle
  • The Baseplate - The bottoms of the bindings, where the bottom of your feet rest 
  • The Straps  - There are two straps, one located going across the mid-section of your foot, and one down by your toes 

Knowing these parts will help you better understand what the specifications mean in the item descriptions. We want to equip you to pick the best bindings for you! Plus, everyone is new once, right?

How do I Know my Snowboard Bindings are the Right Size? 

One of the essential things to keep in mind is that your snow boots are going to be what fits into your snowboard bindings. Make sure your boots fit correctly or it will screw up the whole system! Your boots need to fit your feet properly, and your bindings need to fit your snow boots properly. 

When making your purchase make sure you are paying attention to size guides and are fitting your bindings to your well-fitting snow boots. (If your snow boots do not fit you correctly, take a step back and correct that problem first!) 

If you are purchasing your gear off of Amazon, and you do not see a size chart, I would recommend checking out the company’s website for sizing advice. You should never guess what binding size you are! 

Use the right tactics to ensure you are ordering the right size by consulting with a sizing guide before purchase. We would suggest trying on your boots too, to make sure it's not the time for a new pair. The sizing guides will help direct you to what size you need (small, medium, or large) based on your boot size. We cannot stress how salient correct boot sizing is. 

If you need to adjust your boot situation, we have an excellent article to help you pick the right snowboarding boots. If you haven’t grabbed your boots yet, head over and check it out now!

How Often Should I Replace My Snowboard Bindings? 

Do you need new bindings every season? Like the answer to the question, what bindings are right for you? this one is similar. 

Depending on how often you board, the wear and tear level you have on your snowboard equipment, and your desired aesthetic, you may want to replace your gear more or less frequently than others. 

No hard and fast answer exists for this one. The short of it is, you shouldn't need to replace them at any set time frame. That said, here are some possible reasons you might want to consider getting some new snowboard bindings: 

  • Change in boarding style 
  • Is not compatible with a new board 
  • They become damaged or broken 
  • You want to change your aesthetic 

How Do I Match My Boots With My Bindings? 

As noted before, the size you choose for your snowboard bindings needs to directly correlate with your boot size. Make sure you have the correct boot size, consult with the size chart for the brand you're purchasing from, and you should be good to grind! 

How do I Match My Boots With My Snowboard?

The size of your boots play an important role in what waist width your ideal snowboard has. Check out our snowboard size and width calculator for more info.

What Bindings Will Work For My Board?  

If you still haven’t found the right board for your riding style, or maybe you aren't sure what your style is yet, check out our article on Snowboard Riding Styles

After deciding what you think your riding style is, you can make a more informed decision on what gear will work well with your board. 

How Much Should I Spend on Snowboard Bindings?

This aspect is entirely up to you! Identify what traits are most important for you to have in your new gear, and try to find a pair of bindings that will work with your budget!

What angle should snowboard bindings be put at?

Slight beginner duck stance for snowboard bindings

The ideal snowboard binding angles and stance largely depend on rider size and riding preference. For beginners, we recommend a slight duck stance with the bindings centered on the board. This provides even weight distribution and makes switch riding possible. A good starting point is +9 degrees on the front binding and -3 degrees on the rear.

More advanced riders may benefit from a powder-forward stance (+22 degrees and +9 degrees).

Final Thoughts 

close-up of fast flow snowboard bindings and boots

No matter what experience level you’re at, we hope that our list of 2024’s best snowboard bindings offers something for all riders. When trying to find the right match for your snowboarding needs, remember to channel that list of priorities for your gear search. While the fit is always the most crucial factor when purchasing your new snowboard bindings, the rest is up to you. 

If you need to achieve a certain aesthetic, go for it. Got a boarding style? Make sure your bindings are compatible. Whatever matters most to you, prioritize it in your search. Be sure you find a perfect fit for your personality and boarding needs but also a great fit (literally). 

Picking the right snowboard bindings will help to prevent you from becoming injured while shreddin’ the gnar, and will ensure that you get the most out of your boarding sessions. Stay informed, stay focused, and find your match. 
While what the best snowboard bindings are can look different for all riders, from beginners to seasoned boarders we know you will find your best match from our list. For info and guidance on all your other snow sporting needs, access some of our other articles at See you on the slopes.

James Shaffer

James Shaffer

James is a veteran snowboarder and skier. His passion for snow sport dates back to his early life growing up in Colorado. He spent his early adulthood as a ski instructor around popular locations in Europe but is now back in Colorado.
Published December 8, 2020
Last updated March 13, 2022

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